This course is designed to establish knowledge of the Licensed Practical Nurse wishing to advanced placement into the Professional Nursing curriculum. The course combines independent study with classroom and clinical learning. An assessment of the individual’s competencies and knowledge will be completed prior to advanced placement of students. Clinical skills, nursing process and knowledge presented in prior educational programs are needed for placement of the student into the third semester of the Professional Nursing Program and will be evaluated. This six-week course will be completed immediately prior to the beginning of the third semester.

Prereqs: None

This course is designed to give the student insight and experience in the application of information science to nursing practice. The electronic environment is explored as a resource for the enhancement of communication, clinical decision making, professional role development, and knowledge discovery with relevance to patient care and healthcare management. Students will demonstrate the use of software applications to include: email, internet browser applications, literature databases, and electronic documentation systems. Focus will include the ethical and legal issues concerning health records, confidentiality, and release of information.

Prereqs:  None