Presents theoretical data, concepts, techniques and skills related tot he safe and therapeutic care of medical surgical nursing clients.  Course theory builds upon Medical Surgical Nursing II.  Students will gain increased knowledge along with advanced technical and critical thinking skills to utilize the nursing process in assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, and evaluating nursing care.  Individualized care planning, client teaching, assessment skills, and advanced comprehensive and application of data, including appropriate research is emphasized.  Prereqs:  ADN-RN 101; ADN-RN 125; ADN-RN 220 or ADN-RN 190; ADN-RN 220

This course presents content about leadership and management.  Student will review issues related to leadership and management and utilize critical thinking to make leadership decisions.  Advanced Leadership and Management in nursing will provide students with a sufficient working knowledge that will allow them to participate in leadership/management roles related to the professional nursing role.

Prereqs:  ADN-RN 101